April 23, 2009

Starting Solids

We're starting Enza on solid food slowly but surely. Up until recently she has been exclusively breastfeed, so we're taking things very slow for her little tummy. Here is a peak at the first time she tried solids. We gave her some sweet potatoe, she did really well! She didn't make any funny faces and she didn't push it out of her mouth. But after a few bites it all came back up, uh oh!

So, we backed off for a few weeks and have started again with a little bit of banana each day, just a little slice mashed up and mixed with a little breastmilk to thin in down. Sometimes she makes this awful gag face, and looks at you like "what in heck are you feeding me?" It's hilarious, and every once in while she shivers like it gives her the chills! She's quite animated and it's so much fun watching her experience the different textures.

First time rolling over

This was Enza's first time rolling over and Daddy got on film! She'd been trying for quite a while and finally got over!

Enza with a few of her favorite people ;)

This is Enza right after getting up from a nap, isn't her hair beautiful!

We don't co-sleep, but if Enza wakes up before Mommy's ready to get up, I bring her into bed with us so she can nurse and I can sleep! This morning was one of Jason's days off so I had gotten up and into the shower and came back to find them sleeping like this! How cute is that?

Enza's 6 mo pics

Check out Enza's 6.5 mo pics!

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April 19, 2009

Enza's weekend

Enza with some of her favorite toys. She loves any of the kitchen utensils :)

This was taken after we had been out running errands, she was so tired she fell asleep like this on our way home.

The Mall loves Enza

Enza and Mommy had a busy few days. On Friday we went to the mall with Grandma! Every where we went people just ohh and ahh over Enza, it is so funny! We went into Christopher Banks and the four women working went crazy. One even said that she wanted a phone call next time Baby Enza came in because she wanted to see her!

April 16, 2009

New to blogging

I have no idea what I'm doing or what I've gotten myself into, but I'm inspired by friends who have blog's. I want our family around the world to be able to see our family, how we're changing and growing and we are up to!