May 4, 2009

Bradley Workshop and on to Destin

Thursday morning we had an early morning, the Bradley Method® workshop began bright and early at 8:30am and went thru to 10p. Jason and Enza spent the whole day in the workshop with me. There were 25 other women there to become Bradley teachers, there were 7 babies and a handful of husbands and grandmothers to help with the babies. On our first day we met Lindsey from GA, we ended up sitting by Lindsey in the workshop and had a good time getting to know her over the next few days. The workshop was 3.5 long days, but it was great. It was so inspiring to be there with people that share something with you that you all feel so passionately about. We watched many birth videos that brought tears to everyone’s eyes in the room. We all left feeling motivated and inspired to get Bradley Method® Natural Childbirth out to the masses and educate and empower women to make their own decisions. “Don’t let them ‘deliver’ you, you decide how your ‘birth’ is going to be.”
During our drive to Florida, Jason found out that a position he applied for in the Clay County Drug Squad was going to be interviewing candidates during the time of our trip. He made the necessary phone calls and found out that they were not going to budge, his oral board was Friday, and he had to be there if he wanted to be considered for the position. SO…Thursday during the first day of the workshop he got online and purchased an airline ticket to fly back to KC just for his interview! Thankfully, even buying his ticket one day in advance he was able to get his ticket for $215! Friday @ 4am he drove himself to the Orlando airport, flew back to KC, interviewed and flew back into Orlando around 9pm. What a day!
Sunday was the last day of the workshop, so we packed up and checked out during lunch break, and when the workshop was over at 3pm we headed on to the best part of our road trip….the BEACH! Now, there is a Lamborghini dealership in Orlando. If you know my husband there is no way we could be so close and not stop to drool. So we took a minor detour to the dealership, and took a few pictures of the fancy cars. Finally, on the road to Destin, we weren’t on the road for too long and we were both hungry but we both kept putting off stopping because we just wanted to get to Destin. After several miles, we notices an exit that was full of food options, so we pulled of and filled up the gas tank, cleaned the windshield, and went across the street to order food. While we were ordering from Zaxby’s Chicken sirens went by so loud we couldn’t hear over the speaker. We got our food and got back on the highway. Within a few minutes we saw lots of brake lights and slowed down real quick. Within a minute we were at a dead stop. This kept on for awhile, so Jason got out of the car to see what was going on and for as far as he could see cars were at a stand still. So, we got out of the car and hung out on I-75 visiting with others. We watched Life Flight come and go, and after 50 minutes finally got to move. We don’t know what happened in that accident, but we pray that everyone is okay, and we thank God that he directed us off of the highway when he did that we were not a part of the accident.