May 4, 2009

Trip to Orlando, FL

We left home on 4-28-09 at 3:30 am. The early morning went smoothly, Jason drove while Enza & I went back to sleep for a few hours on the road. Driving on I-70 in the middle of the night was such a blessing. Jason has very little patience for the semis and left lane drivers on that LONG stretch of two-lane interstate, we had none of that to deal with at 4am! We had a great road trip straight thru to Dacula GA with minimal stops. Enza did fabulous for her first road trip, a good road trip at that. We made the hike to ATL in 12:45, which might even be a little bit better than when Jason and I made it alone a year and a half ago. We pulled into the Dowell’s around 5:15pm local time. We had a great evening spent with Brent, Becka, and Pierce. We ate wings and played Wii :). We wished that we lived closer to the Dowell’s so that we could hang out more often, we always have a good time and feel so welcome and comfortable in their home.
Wednesday morning we had brunch and were on the road to Orlando by 1:30. Once again we had an easy trip, arrived in Orlando around 9pm. We checked in and hit the hay.