June 24, 2009

Teething & Dr Doty

Enza has been working on her first top teeth and they have been painful! Her bottom two came in no problem, but these top have been a bear! I can finally feel the edge of her top left tooth thru the skin, hopefully it will be thru soon! Her little gums are so swollen!

My independent little explorer has been so needy and clingy lately not feeling well I decided it was time to take her for her first adjustment with our chiropractor Dr Doty. Dr. Doty has done wonders for Jason, myself and my mom. Jason was diagnosed with 2 herniated discs two years ago, the doctor prescribed him painkillers, physical therapy and an epidural. Jason, opted instead for the chirpractor and has been so blessed. He is pain free and doesn't have to rely on heavy narcotics for it.

Days off

Jason bid for his days off at work last week and I'm happy to announce we now work the same days! We will have Thurs-Sun off as a family!! We are super excited, this will allow us more time to do things together, and hopefully now we can get out on that boat we're paying for!


We've been working on waving for awhile, and the last couple days Enza has waved on her own and when she feels like it. This morning (6/24) when I dropped Enza off at Nanya & Papas she waved bye to me when I asked her to! Yay!

June 18, 2009

Enza's Bird Call

This was our second day at the beach (May 5th). Enza had just taken a nap and was feeling refreshed. There was a family in front of us off to one side with a few little kids. They had a big blow up yellow duck, I think Enza liked it!