July 15, 2009

Breastfeeding saves $$$ (lots of it)

I've been working on my Bradley requirements a lot lately and was reading about why dad's should encourage Mom to breastfeed. I have strong opinions about the topic as Enza is still breastfed and has never had formula. I have been blessed with a milk supply to more than keep her content :)
At work today a few ladies and myself were talking about how much money I've saved breastfeeding for the last 9 months and I honestly didn't know. I've never bought or used formula so I don't know how much it costs or how much a baby goes thru. So I decided I wanted to know. I roughly(very) estimated that over 9 mo my God-given boobies have saved my family $864! That's just the cost of formula, not bottles or bottle liners. Wow, I think I deserve a night out!
So besides the butt load of health reasons why women should breastfeed, here's a reason Dad's might be interested in! That number will be over $1000 in the first year!
If you do any amount of research it's stated everywhere, "Breast is Best"....this is true, but besides that formula is not even a comparable option, it is far inferior. No formula company will ever be able to replicate what God has programmed our bodies to produce for our babies, the best most pure form of nutrition formulated for their specific needs at every feeding. What a perfect design!