July 15, 2009

Natural Remedy for baby cough

Towards the end of last week it was obvious Enza wasn't herself. She had a little bit of dry cough, that often turned to gagging & vomiting. I spent Thursday and Friday changing sheets, washing receiving blankets, and giving Enza bath's, not to mention I've gotten pretty good at grabbing a trash can or anything nearby to catch throw-up besides my floor!
Sunday night when she threw up it was nothing but thick clear mucus, poor baby. Monday her nose started running and her cough had become rattly. I started her on some homeopathic medicine for her cough and she seemed to be ok.
Monday night I tried a natural remedy I had read about, I put a two slices of a white onion on a plate in her bedroom for the overnight. When I was slicing the onion, I thought to myself "seriously, what are onion slices just sitting in her room going to do?" Let me tell you, the onion smell in her room was so strong!
Tuesday she was still coughing and snotting and having trouble napping because of her cough. I left work early and took her home where she was finally able to get some sleep, a 3 hr nap!! Tuesday night, she was so much better :) She didn't cough all night, her nose still ran and snotted a little, but much improved.
Wednesday morning, she was 90% better, no cough, barely even a runny nose. All thru this she never had to take baby Tylenol or Motrin or any other otc medicine. I love Dr Lauren Feder's book of natural remedies! We have had lots of success with everything we've tried and have never resorted to any type of "medicine".