August 20, 2009

Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth

I found out today that I received my provisional status with The Bradley Method (R)!!! This means I can start teaching childbirth classes as soon as I get the workbooks! I am so pumped!
We took the Bradley classes for Enza's birth and it was awesome, I mean it worked so what more can I say!
At the Bradley training workshop in Orlando, one of the teachers ended our first night with some words....he wondered why we were there, what made us come there? He said that he thinks we were called to be there because someone needs us, needs us to teach them. This struck me, Enza's birth had such an impact on me, while challenging it was an amazing experience that was so empowering. If I can help more women experience that, to embrace birth and be active in the process. I believe God created our bodies with the ability to give birth, and to birth naturally (with a few medical exceptions of course). I hope that I can reach as many Mommy's as possible and change or enforce their perspective on childbirth :)