August 5, 2009

Playing in the toilet

Yes, Enza has discovered the toilet and the water therein also! Usually not a big deal, I close the lid and move her to another room, problem solved.
Well, last week Enza finally really took to solids, so much so I had my first poopy diaper that I had to clean the poo off into the toilet (we cloth diaper). Of course this kind of stuff always happens when I'm home alone! So, I take the poopy dipe to the bathroom, pull on my rubber gloves and proceed to wipe poop off of diaper into toilet. Heeeere comes Enza, crawling just as fast as her little arms & legs will carry her. Pulls herself up on the toilet, I'm using my elbows to get her back away from the poop in and on the toilet. So, then almost in defiance she grabs the toilet paper, pulls it down off the roll and sticks it right in her mouth. It was literally like she was saying, "oh yeah, well than I'll just have THIS!" So now she has toilet paper in her mouth and I've got poop all over my hands! Note, I don't care if she were to just get a bite of toilet paper, but she gags and vomits when she gets these kinds of things in her mouth. I AM NOT cleaning up poop AND vomit! So I whip off one glove, swipe the tp from her mouth and proceed with my swishing dunking and massaging poo from the diaper. I'm sure it was a site to see, I've got the yellow rubber gloves up to my elbows, standing on one foot because I'm using the other to hold Enza back out of the bathroom!
Ah, these are the times of our lives :)
ps-Jason is installing me a diaper sprayer this week :)


Grandma June said...

That was so descriptive that I can actually see Jenni trying to hold off Enza while she cleans the "poop" off the diaper. I'll bet she never envisioned something like that when she decided to become a mother. I laughed until the tears rolled down my cheeks. Thanks for sharing it.