September 28, 2009

Enza and a Race Car

While we were at my dads we had to check out the race car! All of you who know my husband know that he spent much time in the garage checking everything out. He is a gear head and he fit in a little too well at my dad's ;)
Of course while we were there were had to get Enza's picure in Grandpa's race car. Since she's not old enough to drive yet so Mommy took her for a spin......not really :)

September 24, 2009

MI Trip (LP part)

After we left Shane's we took my nephew Casey with us and headed down to Rockford to my dad's. I hadn't seen my dad since I moved to MO more than 7 years ago, a visit a little overdue :)
We were supposed to go to the races Sat night but they were cancelled due to the rain, so my big brothers John & Jason came over to Dads and we all hung out for the evening. It was really nice having all of us together! We watched old home videos and told old funny stories, I about peed my pants on several occasions.

Sunday afternoon we took in a West Michigan WhiteCaps game with John, Jason & Casey, good times. Enza loves her Uncle John and Uncle Jason!

We all spent the evening back at Dad's again, had a bonfire and spent time with family.

Monday morning we got up and made the trek back home, it was nice to be home. We had a great time in Michigan, we hadn't been back since 2004! Hopefully we will be able to make more trips with our schedules now :)

MI Trip (UP part)

At the end of August we drove to MI to see my family. We drove thru Wisconsin to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We stayed with the Blamers in Pickford. We always have fun with Shane, she is so silly :) Oh yeah, Casey and Robert are great you guys!
Btw, the bottle I'm holding is Boone's Farm, it goes WAY back for Shane and's a joke, we don't drink the stuff for fun anymore ;)