December 3, 2009

Holiday Dress

Jason bought me a sewing machine for my birthday in July. It took me a month or two to get it out of the box because I was slightly intimidated. Since I got the nerve to get it out and learn how to use this paticular machine, I'm hooked!
I started with an apron I made from a cotton nightie that I upcycled. Then I started making accessories for my sewing machine, a mat for it to sit on, a scrap/thread bag that velcros to the mat and holds all my trash. I made a ruffly scarf for me. Finally I decided to attempt my first garment! I made Enza a holiday dress! It all started when my mom gave me some dark green velvety type material from a dress she had and no longer liked. What a perfect little dress this could make! I found a plaid material at Hobby Lobby and used my 40% coupon to buy it.
I cut it all out one day, and started sewing the next weekend. It went better than I expected. The puff sleeves were the scariest part, I prayed the whole time I was sewing that they would look ok when I flipped them right side out! I'm pleased to post a pic of it now, I still have to 'finish' the hems and attach the bow, but I'm thrilled with it. Now that I've got this under my belt I'm more confident to start making more clothes!!