March 30, 2010

To Be Sold or Not to Be Sold

We put our house on the market March 4th We were told that 60-90 days is totally normal for a house to sell right now.
The first weekend we didn't have any shows, but as soon as the weekend was over we got our first call! Ahhhh, the anxiety! I had to run home from work grab the dogs, make sure everything was picked up and spotless. From that point on we've had about 3-4 showings a week. Pretty good traffic from what we've heard.
Friday the 25th we had our 1st 2ND showing! How exciting, the couple that was looking said our house was in their top 3. Ok, well I guess you have to make top 3 before you can make #1. Well, Sunday evening we got an offer!! It wasn't a fantastic offer, but it was an offer! We just countered today and we don't know what to expect. We don't know whether we will be moving in 4 weeks or not. But the reality of all of it just hit me. Ahhhhhh, we could be moving in 4 weeks!!! Where are we going to store all of our stuff? I don't know the first thing about storage options out there to purchase, like self-storage or pods. And how much stuff do we have? How much storage do we need? Not to mention that we haven't even started looking at a new place for us to live!
Aye aye aye, my head is spinning right now.

March 16, 2010

I Feel You Underestimate My Sneakiness

Jason worked off-duty at the Snake Saturday Parade in North Kansas City this weekend. He came home for a few hours before heading off to some more off -duty work. Before he left he handed me his money he made from the earlier off-duty. I remember looking at it, surpised by the amount and then sitting it on the coffee table. Jason left for off-duty about 9:30, I had Enza in bed about 10p and I followed shortly after.
Fast forward to the next afternoon, after church I get to thinking that I hadn't seen the money this morning but yet I didn't remember putting it in my purse. I checked my purse right away, no money. Uh oh, what happened to it? Jason and I start frantically looking everywhere. Coat pockets, pants pockets, etc. Where could it have gone, I don't remember doing anything with it after he handed it to me. And he was sure he hadn't picked it back up after giving it to me. There was only one other culprit in the house......she's about 2.5 ft tall, blonde hair blue eyes and sneaky as ever! So we start looking anywhere and everywhere Enza could have stuck the money, it was folded up so that meant she could have stuck it anywhere. We were looking in the floor registers, trash cans, under the couch, Enza's toy box, we even took apart the sub-woofer in the living room that she so frequently puts paper in. Nothing. We finally gave up, hoping it would turn up somewhere.
Monday rolls around, still no money. I go to work, Jason is home with Enza, still keeping his eye open for the money. He looks through the bathroom trash one more time, no money. He did find his mouth piece that he sleeps with though! Enza had snatched it off of his nightstand and thrown it away without him ever noticing. That would have been another fun scavenger hunt :)
I get home from work and we are STILL thinking about the money and where it could be. We decide that maybe the people who buy our house will find it, or maybe we'll find it when we move. A little while later I ask Jason if he looked inside any of Enza's toys when he emptied her toy box. He hadn't, so I opened up her toy box and pull out her little barn that you sort letters & shapes into. I opened the barn door.....nothing but letters. Sigh, there really isn't any other toys that she could put money into. A minute later Jason looks too, he grabs a sports bottle she has in there and looks inside.....MONEY! He turns it upside down and we hear the money fall against the plastic. He reaches in and pulls out the missing money! Thank God!
So the moral of the story, Enza is a sneaky little sh*t! We never saw her with the money, she must not have played with it. She probably picked it up and put it in the bottle, couldn't get it back out and so went on to something else. I wonder what else she has thrown away or stashed somewhere we don't know about.....

March 10, 2010

I Must've Slept Funny or Something

Have you ever woken up in the morning and you're neck is stiff and you just feel all out of whack? Like you must have slept funny or something? Wondered what you've been doing?

March 9, 2010

Sunday School

Enza went to Sunday school for the first time a week ago. She had stayed overnight with Grandma & Grandpa and they actually get to church early enough for Sunday school! This was only the second time that Enza has every stayed overnight somewhere but it was a special occasion. We had a 30th Birthday/Going Away Party for Nathan. If you don't know, Nathan is Jason's childhood best-friend and brother from another mother ;) He has taken a job in San Jose CA and is leaving us this weekend :(
So, Enza had such a good time in Sunday school, that this week Jason & I made the extra effort of get to church early enough for all of us to go to Sunday school. But here are a few pics from her first time.

March 6, 2010

When It Will Stop No One Knows

Today Jason asked me "When are you going to quit breastfeeding?" I didn't really know how to answer him nor did I actually have an answer for him. "I don't know" I said, "when one of us wants to?" I said kind've guessing myself. When Enza was born I never put a time frame on how long I was going to nurse, I knew I wanted to make it to atleast a year. Now here I am at 17mo+ and I don't know when we'll stop.
Jason asked because he finds it a little disturbing that Enza pulls out my shirt touches my boob and says "Num num!" She gets all excited and lays down just waiting for me to oblige. She nurses 3-4 times a day right now. I was a little bothered after Jason's comment, mainly because we are in the stage when most people wonder why we are still nursing, the stage where some people might think I'm weird or whatever. Before I had Enza I might have even thought it a little weird to nurse a toddler.
At my last La Leche League meeting I borrowed a book from the library,Mothering Your Nursing Toddler. I opened it up to read a little today and immediately felt some comfort and confidence in its pages. The first page of the first chapter says, "

It may seem strange at first that a child who sits at the family table at mealtimes and is into the refrigerator many times in between would also ask his mother for nursing......Yet anyone who looks lovingly at a child at the breast can see that satisfying hunger or thirst is only a part of nursing. After a minute or two of nursing, the entire little body relaxes with contectment and pleasure. A child who is hurt begins to feel better. A child who has become overexcited calms down.........Nursing has all the restorative powers of a morning cup of coffee without the "caffeine jitters." It is as relaxing as an evening cocktail, with no bleary aftereffects.

And so on it goes and when it will stop no one knows.