March 16, 2010

I Feel You Underestimate My Sneakiness

Jason worked off-duty at the Snake Saturday Parade in North Kansas City this weekend. He came home for a few hours before heading off to some more off -duty work. Before he left he handed me his money he made from the earlier off-duty. I remember looking at it, surpised by the amount and then sitting it on the coffee table. Jason left for off-duty about 9:30, I had Enza in bed about 10p and I followed shortly after.
Fast forward to the next afternoon, after church I get to thinking that I hadn't seen the money this morning but yet I didn't remember putting it in my purse. I checked my purse right away, no money. Uh oh, what happened to it? Jason and I start frantically looking everywhere. Coat pockets, pants pockets, etc. Where could it have gone, I don't remember doing anything with it after he handed it to me. And he was sure he hadn't picked it back up after giving it to me. There was only one other culprit in the house......she's about 2.5 ft tall, blonde hair blue eyes and sneaky as ever! So we start looking anywhere and everywhere Enza could have stuck the money, it was folded up so that meant she could have stuck it anywhere. We were looking in the floor registers, trash cans, under the couch, Enza's toy box, we even took apart the sub-woofer in the living room that she so frequently puts paper in. Nothing. We finally gave up, hoping it would turn up somewhere.
Monday rolls around, still no money. I go to work, Jason is home with Enza, still keeping his eye open for the money. He looks through the bathroom trash one more time, no money. He did find his mouth piece that he sleeps with though! Enza had snatched it off of his nightstand and thrown it away without him ever noticing. That would have been another fun scavenger hunt :)
I get home from work and we are STILL thinking about the money and where it could be. We decide that maybe the people who buy our house will find it, or maybe we'll find it when we move. A little while later I ask Jason if he looked inside any of Enza's toys when he emptied her toy box. He hadn't, so I opened up her toy box and pull out her little barn that you sort letters & shapes into. I opened the barn door.....nothing but letters. Sigh, there really isn't any other toys that she could put money into. A minute later Jason looks too, he grabs a sports bottle she has in there and looks inside.....MONEY! He turns it upside down and we hear the money fall against the plastic. He reaches in and pulls out the missing money! Thank God!
So the moral of the story, Enza is a sneaky little sh*t! We never saw her with the money, she must not have played with it. She probably picked it up and put it in the bottle, couldn't get it back out and so went on to something else. I wonder what else she has thrown away or stashed somewhere we don't know about.....


Jason Vogel said...

Next time search the toys first!