March 9, 2010

Sunday School

Enza went to Sunday school for the first time a week ago. She had stayed overnight with Grandma & Grandpa and they actually get to church early enough for Sunday school! This was only the second time that Enza has every stayed overnight somewhere but it was a special occasion. We had a 30th Birthday/Going Away Party for Nathan. If you don't know, Nathan is Jason's childhood best-friend and brother from another mother ;) He has taken a job in San Jose CA and is leaving us this weekend :(
So, Enza had such a good time in Sunday school, that this week Jason & I made the extra effort of get to church early enough for all of us to go to Sunday school. But here are a few pics from her first time.


Casey said...

aww,tell him i said see yah dude =)and next time is see him,its goin down.