March 30, 2010

To Be Sold or Not to Be Sold

We put our house on the market March 4th We were told that 60-90 days is totally normal for a house to sell right now.
The first weekend we didn't have any shows, but as soon as the weekend was over we got our first call! Ahhhh, the anxiety! I had to run home from work grab the dogs, make sure everything was picked up and spotless. From that point on we've had about 3-4 showings a week. Pretty good traffic from what we've heard.
Friday the 25th we had our 1st 2ND showing! How exciting, the couple that was looking said our house was in their top 3. Ok, well I guess you have to make top 3 before you can make #1. Well, Sunday evening we got an offer!! It wasn't a fantastic offer, but it was an offer! We just countered today and we don't know what to expect. We don't know whether we will be moving in 4 weeks or not. But the reality of all of it just hit me. Ahhhhhh, we could be moving in 4 weeks!!! Where are we going to store all of our stuff? I don't know the first thing about storage options out there to purchase, like self-storage or pods. And how much stuff do we have? How much storage do we need? Not to mention that we haven't even started looking at a new place for us to live!
Aye aye aye, my head is spinning right now.