April 6, 2010


I'm a little apprehensive about writing this because I still feel unsure about everything seeing as it's our first time selling a house. We came to an agreement with the couple buying our house on Saturday! We close and give possession April 29th!!! Today marks 1 month of our house being on the market, wow! We had an offer in 3 wks, and a contract in 4.
So, we ordered our POD, it was delivered today and Jason has spent the afternoon loading everything that was ready to go. We basically have opposite days off, which is going to leave little room for play the next 3 weeks. We close on a Thursday but because of work schedules will have to actually move the weekend before, less than 3 weeks from now!
I am sad to say goodbye to our humble little home. It was my home alone first, I bought it when I was 21 all by myself, just like a big girl, made me feel so grown up :)
In the 5 years since I bought the house, I got a dog, a husband, another dog and a baby (in that order;0) It's been a good 5 years :)
As bitter sweet as it is to say goodbye, we are so excited about the future and it's possibilities. We are looking for our next home to be an investment, we don't know exactly what kind of package that will come in yet. Our plan is to find something that we can stay in for ~2 years while we fix-up and then sell and maybe do it again. But like I said, that's our "plan". In the meantime we are moving in the 'rents, yee-haw!
Keep us in your thoughts and prayers the next few weeks that there won't be any glitches, that closing will go smoothly and that we won't be too stressed out with moving.


Tuni said...

Congrats to you guys on not just the house but the dogs, marrage, and monster (in no particular order)! So much has changed in the past 5 years and I hope it only keeps getting better for you. Miss you all and love you all!
~ Tuni

Manon said...

That was an amazingly quick sale. Glad for you guys. Hope you'll still be close. We really enjoy seeing Enza at Tiny Tots.