May 2, 2011

Looking Back....Part I

The last post I wrote on this blog was April 6 2010. One line from that post caught my eye this morning, "It's been a good 5 years." Because all I can think right now is, it has been a bad year. Which is why I haven't wrote. While we've have great times in the last year, everything seems overshadowed by the trials we have faced.

Jason Gets Sick

May 6th 2010 was our 4 year anniversary. We spent it at home because Jason was 'prepping' for a colonoscopy. May 7 2010 one week before we had to move out of our house Jason went in for a colonscopy because he had been experiencing severe diarrhea with bleeding. It took 3 nurses and about 6 tries to get an iv started before the procedure because Jason was so dehydrated. He was gone for over an hour and when he came back, the GI doctor came and told me that he was admitting Jason to the hospital, he was going to have to spend the weekend there because he was severely dehydrated and his colon was hemorrhaging. I was shocked. His diagnosis and cause for the bleeding was Ulcerative Colitis. He spent the weekend in Centerpoint Hospital on iv fluids, iv steroids, colitis medicine and antibiotics. By Sunday(Mother's Day) he was released and feeling MUCH better. He was sent home with orders to follow up and continue the colitis medicine.

The next Saturday, May 15th we had a large group of generous men from our church show up to help us move. We still had quite a bit to do considering we had lost the last week. They stayed until they had literally packed up, loaded and moved our entire house. I'm not kidding when I say those guys wouldn't leave until it was all done! That was a huge blessing for us to have that help.