May 2, 2011

Looking Back....Part II

Sad News
That Saturday evening after everything was moved, we still had plenty to do at the house. That night we got to my Parents house where we would be living the next few months to unpack what we needed right away. My mom and Step-dad had spent the last couple days out at my grandparents home. My grandma Jeanne was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer right after our wedding in 2006, and her cancer had stopped responding to treatment. Not long after getting to our new home, I got a call from my mom. Grandma was gone. She had lost her battle with cancer. While sad for those she left behind, a relief to not have to see her suffer any longer. Before Grandma passed my mom said to me that she now understood why God allowed our loved ones to suffer as they do sometimes when terminally ill. It is so we are able to let them go. Although it always hurt immensely to lose them, there is comfort in knowing that they are no longer suffering.
The next week was filled with funeral preparations, and family coming into town. My parents went from living alone, to us 3 living in their basement and my brothers, John & Jason and my nephew Casey filling guest rooms. I enjoyed having all my family together like that. It was fun to huddle around the computer with my siblings and look at pictures or watch stupid videos on YouTube :)
Grandmas funeral was Thursday, May 20 2010. My Grandma's 3 children and every single one of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren were there to lay her to rest. This may not seem like a big deal, but we do not all live close to each other. So it was really wonderful to have us all there to honor Grandma.

Jeanne L Brantner 1929-1951