May 13, 2011

Looking Back......Part III

After Enza was born Sept 25, 2008 I had the Mirena IUD inserted to prevent pregnancy. It was cheap and I didn't have to worry about daily birth control. I didn't have any complications with the Mirena, and even though over the year that I had it I read and learned lots of things about IUD's that I didn't like or agree with, I already had it and it was working. Birth control is a very sticky subject for me. I dislike hormonal birth control, I was on it for 10 years before getting pregnant. Of course it was only after coming off of it that I learned the dark secrets of birth control and what it's doing to our bodies own hormone function. It's pretty yucky stuff, and I always wondered what I was really like. How were these synthetic hormones altering my personality, temperament, sex drive, even my complexion?

So January last year I had the Mirena removed so that I could learn to chart my cycle using Natural Family Planning. No, this doesn't mean the rhythm method. It means using the Symptothermal Method. Taking my waking body temperature and monitoring cervical fluid and position. (Sorry if this is TMI for you, I'm not much of a TMI girl ;) ) I read Taking Charge of Your Fertility and started my chart.
The plan was to learn NFP for a few months while trying to avoid a pregnancy and then use it to achieve pregnancy.
1st problem, after I had the Mirena removed it took 2 months for my cycle to return. This was not what I was expecting! I saw a Naturopathic doctor and learned about the damage that could have been done to my bodies own hormone function by hormonal birth control and started some supplements and diet changes to help 'detox' my body of the synthetic hormones. My cycles were really out of wack and way long, I had always been a very predictable girl in this way ;)
Well, while waiting for my 3rd cycle to wrap up I had the signs that my period would be coming in a day or two. It didn't. So, Monday May 24 on my way home from work I stopped by the drugstore and purchased a pregnancy test. I stopped at HyVee to get a few things before going home and couldn't stand to wait. So I went to the bathroom, into a stall and peed on the stick by the grocery store. That sucker LIT up! I could not believe my eyes. Last time it took severals days and tests before it was obvious to me, but this test, it literally LIT up. Those pink lines showed up like neon lights :)

I went home (remember to my parent's home) and decided I was going to wait to say anything, even to Jason because I didn't think he could keep it a secret from my parents. But while making dinner I HAD to tell him, I couldn't keep it a secret standing right next to him! But I made him promise not to say anything.
After that weekend I made Enza a shirt to deliver the news.....

Enza was going to be a big sister and we were going to have another baby! What a blessing! My estimated due date was January 31st 2011!