May 26, 2011

Ring around the....whatha?!


While i was in the shower, enza decided to get the towel holder out and put it around bellas neck, i had trouble getting it off.......omg

This is a text message I received from Jason while I was at work in December, this is 5 days after we moved in to our house, still under construction!
I had a bag by the front door with somethings in it to return, one of those things was a round towel bar for the bathroom. Jason was getting ready after showering and had that all too common thought..."it's too quite, what is Enza doing?" He finds Enza in her room playing at her table like such a sweet little girl, which might I add is the first clue that something is wrong :) He then hears a familiar sound of a dog scratching, collar tags jingling and then what's that sound? Clink clink clink. Whatha? Jason goes out to find our Boxer Bella with the towel bar around her neck! Frantically pawing at the towel bar trying to get if off her head, hence the clink clink clink.
Jason was able to get the towel bar off of Bella's neck, but it wasn't easy. He thought for a bit that he wasn't going to be able to get it off and might have to cut it off. Oh boy, that girl! Any of you who know Bella, can't you just see her sitting there letting Enza put this ring down over her head just because someone was paying her attention to her and touching her!


linz said...

Jenni, that is hilarious!!! Enza, so sweet and yet up to no good! Love it!

~ Lindsey